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Grandma Irma has been my terror for at least 3 decades. She lived with us and she was basically our nanny.

A full-fledged rental mom. She had no time limits, excellent abundant cuisine and a hoof so fast that putting the glass cabinet of rosolio glasses in front of me was the only possibility of salvation.

Then when I grew up I became very good, in our villa by the sea, instead of returning at midnight I returned home at 10:30. Then at 11, passing silently and invisible from the roofs like a ninja, I returned to circulation in the summer nights.

Then senile decay came and he gave me 50 euros for my wedding in Hawaii. For my grandmother, like all grandmothers, confirmations, weddings, birthdays and communions were always 50,000 italian lire, promptly changed to €50.

It may seem little, but in exchange you could get married even twice a week.

The real nightmare that awaits us with senile dementia is this. In order not to admit that he does not remember, the sick subject pretends nothing has happened and tries not to show amazement.

The real terror came when my wife got pregnant.

Grandma Irma was under five feet tall and my uncle five feet exactly. My mom is 10 cm taller.
Will the Granny Height Gene Get to My Child? We called him the Irma gene.

Luck didn’t come to either of my two sons. But what other genes have come to him?

First of all, the gene for Mediterranean anemia minor, a disease that causes the production of red blood cells of reduced size and which carries less iron. Forever anemic.
That’s my fault, on the part of the Sicilian father.
Tall, blond and blue-eyed, they are unsuspected even as healthy carriers.

But we are immune to malaria, red blood cells that are too small do not allow the parasite to spread. We can still do little against genetics, but above all must we do?

We can do nothing about height, except produce children with tall people descended from tall people. The Irma gene is always around for a couple of generations.
On type 1 diabetes we are trying, on the other hand, patients with type 1 diabetes are very resistant to Ebola.

But the rest of the genetics are percentages of risk. It’s like knowing the lottery board, 90 numbers, no bank will ever invest in a late number.
Commercial knowledge of DNA today is only commercial.

Our weight comes from epigenetics, lifestyle, i.e. how much we eat and how much we move our lower back determine our weight.
Genetics can predispose you, but little can still be done, while it is epigenetics that triggers diseases where instead much, very much can be done. Meanwhile, start walking 5,000 steps a day.

Even dementia can be fought with 5,000 steps a day, bye bye gene Irma.

Sergio d’Arpa

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