Proposing digital medicine every morning I’m afraid that someone wants me dead Who will be the first to blow up my car when I start it one of these mornings? Longevity-configured digital twin will bring billions in healthcare savings. Millions of lives will be saved every year and millions more will leave us having lived to the fullest until the last day. When we started offering the Digital Twin service everyone was interested. Now even more because all the early diagnosis projects and the reduction of the risks of instantaneous death have merged into the longevity project. Does longevity affect you, your family, anyone, after all who might be interested in living longer? $38 trillion is used to fight easily preventable diseases. Who could be the candidates to be the instigators of my killers. Prime suspect pharmaceutical company. In reality they are among the few who already know that digital theurapetics are coming. They are equipping themselves only for the acute cases because the chronicities will tend to disappear. But pharmaceutical companies will not disappear, they will always be necessary and will adapt perfectly to the new world. I’m only the first of many who will arrive, it would be counterproductive to kill me. According to food industry suspect. It is the most dangerous one, because they are much more interested in providing us with low-cost food with high margins. Food that with its high inflammatory capacity will make us live like hell. The poor are fatter. Poor education and easier access to junk food. But the food industry has higher margins to sell healthy food, they are already ready for change. If we increase our knowledge we will ask for better food in smaller quantities at almost the same cost for a family. The third suspect is the clinic. They have invested millions in state-of-the-art machinery and the idea that everything will become obsolete tomorrow infuriates them. But digital medicine transports the knowledge of one’s doctors outside one’s own walls, from one’s own province, one’s own region, one’s own country up to 18,000 km away. The clinic will adapt to expand its reach from the neighborhood to the world. Doctors are the fourth suspect Seeing their knowledge, the result of 15 years of study, closed in a clock chip makes them foam with anger. But they have already begun to understand that that chip is not an enemy but a powerful ally to multiply the number of their patients by providing better services with zero effort. Tomorrow morning my car probably won’t blow up either. But I also have allies, but they don’t know it yet. First of all the children of a minor bio. All those involved in personal care and performance improvement without having a medical degree. The Digital Twin will be the tool that will connect them with doctors and a clinical platform multiplying opportunities for everyone from the healthy patient to the doctor, Finally, last those who will be first: the configurators. All those “trained” to connect 300,000 devices and 2 million Apps to the Digital Twin. You can buy everything on Amazon but the angels of will configure your healthcare devices of the future to your smartphone. Again no one will kill me except some angry husband. I’m actually just a trigger for something much bigger than me. We all want to reach the age of 80 being able to dial the phone number, remembering it by heart, to call our friends. It will be a beautiful future.