Digital puncture means a prick on the finger. A fingerprint is a fingerprint, but numerical fingerprints number in the thousands.

I have a phone and at noon I call mum to throw away the pasta, except that with my mother’s culinary skills she really throws pasta into the trash. Then after lunch I call a girlfriend, then when I wake up I call the office, as if I had one, which also applies to the girlfriend.

In mid-afternoon she calls my best friend for a chat. I take the aperitif in rotation with a group of friends made up of 7 people.

Around 10pm I call my mum as I’m not going to dinner and I suffer 20 minutes of insults, to then put the tray of ham back in the fridge.

12 noon mom – 2.30 pm hypothetical girlfriend – 4 pm office – 5.30 pm best friend – 6.30 pm 7 friends in rotation – 10 pm mom.

Mom, girlfriend, office, friend, friends have unique identification numbers, the phone number.

If I change my phone number in how many days does it take for an artificial intelligence to understand that the new number is me?

Does the old number disappear from the radar and a new number assumes the same behavior, say 4 days?

Lavrov goes to the G20 in Bali and says that he’s fine showing up with a T-shirt stamped with the name of a famous gay man, an Apple Watch and an iPhone.

For the uninitiated, Putin’s urine and defecation abroad are taken away in special containers. They contain a sea of ​​health data, from health status to the drugs that are administered.

But few know the data that the Apple Watch produces and even fewer use it.

Steps, stairs and calories consumed daily, the basic footprint of the lifestyle.

Steps are also recorded the time they are in the air, if in the evening the time in the air of the steps is reduced, one could suspect the use of alcoholic or psychotropic substances.

Pressure is not medical nor precise on the Apple Watch, for now, but it can give indications on behavior.
If every day at 17 Lavrov hears Putin and things go badly, the pressure will tend to rise, if instead they go well it will tend to remain stable.

The hours of sleep indicate many things, even to understand habits.
Then there is the real asset: the electrocardiogram.
From here it is possible to predict a heart attack 6 months in advance, it is not a technology in Apple’s hands at the moment.
Interpret the presence of sleep apnea, high risk of stroke and heart attack, driving license is suspended in Europe. Apple is still working on it.

Diagnose imminent arrival and presence of depression. Apple does not have this technology, however very refined on the Samsung Watch. It is referred to as “stress” for clinical, commercial and legal reasons.
Finding out what Lavrov’s Apple Watch is is very difficult, just look at which Apple Watches from Moscow went to Bali the day before yesterday.
Except that Apple’s privacy policies also cover terrorists, but perhaps something could change in the face of the risk of nuclear war.

Think that all this has been available to you, your loved ones and your managers for at least three years. Welcome to the world of digital medicine.

Sergio d’Arpa
Man of digital twin on health the worldwide network of digital medicine device specialists the world’s first fully digital clinic