7 million deaths a year are attributable to high blood pressure. Nobody checks it and many don’t care. 33% of patients do not know it, same percentage, 33% do not care. The reason is the same, it has no side effects except stroke and heart attack. Pressure affects 42% of adults. Screening is measuring pressure. The cure is a pill and/or losing weight. 7 million deaths a year You need to measure your blood pressure and create a blood pressure diary. Withings Omron Nobody drinks water! Hydration is essential for EVERYONE. Especially the elderly drink little water because they forget. There are millions of reasons to drink water from antiaging to adhering to a therapy. For technolazy people like me there is a wonderful solution to control me and my mother who lives far away. Canteen How many thoughts with the children. A couple we can eliminate with a couple of tech tricks. But I know that you will be the first to use them like me. In front of a computer Did you brush your teeth? Now find out from the app up to 4 children (I think) Oral B Does your heart still beat for love? In the meantime let’s see how it beats. An Italian POCKET medical device solution. crazy Heart how do you train With 300,000 devices and 2 million apps on the market growing every day and updated every 6 months welcome to a new universe of data. Data used to lengthen and improve your life, that of your loved ones and that of your best collaborators to convince them to stay. Merry Christmas, the celebration of the return to light, from whoever invented the Digital Twin, the way to manage and enhance this new universe of data.