Benefits and ways to get out of high blood pressure alive For doctors, the patient with high blood pressure is like a person falling from a skyscraper. He is fine but eventually crashes to the sidewalk.

High blood pressure has no symptoms, it only has irreparable side effects coming in the so-called organ damage. Among the damage from high blood pressure you can choose between stroke, heart attack, doing damage to the kidneys and eyes, not taking drugs you are spinning the wheel of fortune every day, with boxes that say “nothing”.

Daily extractions.

Bet on your life every day. You are not the only one. In the first period, Covid caused about 2 million deaths a year. High blood pressure kills 7.5 million people a year (1) To combat high blood pressure, you must at least take medications, lose weight, change your diet and increase movement under medical supervision.

After the medical examination and the assignment of the therapy, after the purchase of the pills you have to start a new life. Adherence to therapies. You will have to take the tablets on time and check your blood pressure and write everything down in a diary which you can then show at the doctor’s visits. Very boring. A deadly boredom that allows you to extend your life.

Participatory medicine I dicensi participatory medicine when the patient follows the orders given by the doctor. In order not to give orders, the doctor puts them in the order of “highly recommended”. The patient, that is you, interprets this as “moderate suggestions”. The solution is already available.

Nobody knows it yet in all electronics stores it is available between the toaster and the refrigerator. These are blood pressure devices with a BLUETOOTH connection. What is the BLUETOOTH connection for? The bluetooth transmits the data to your smartphone and thus you get an automatic blood pressure diary. Diary with various easy-to-understand graphics.

Graphics are important because it allows you to see the trends. Reading the numbers every day just creates confusion, take the tablets and record the pressure even twice a day even without looking at the numbers.

The rain of numbers leads us into confusion and creates that deafening noise that will eventually make us desist from persevering. Instead, taking a pill and measuring blood pressure at any time takes us into that routine that becomes a track where we can add and improve whatever we want. Every day new data that presents us with new results every week a daily revolution.

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(1) Worldwide, increased blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths link