The second opinion online service by Klinik Sankt Moritz offers you the opportunity to have a wider number of patients, from all over the world.

My name is Sergio d’Arpa, founder and CEO of Klinik Sankt Moritz AG, the first digital medical clinic in the world.

Notwithstanding today’s ultra-technological world, a patient looking for a second medical opinion often still relies on word of mouth among friends to find another doctor. 

This way, however, a patient without medical expertise turns to another person who is not competent in medicine to look for the most appropriate medical professional. The second physician is therefore chosen based on subjective criteria, upon personal experiences discussed at the lounge club.

That’s why Klinik Sankt Moritz has developed the service with the aim of providing a second-opinion online service for high-profile patients worldwide.

Our vision about second opinion is that it must be provided:

– by means of video conferencing, besides in writing, so that patients can interact with physicians, who can provide emotional support to the patient and their relatives

– by physicians from different schools and countries, in order to avoid the same approach to the problem, which often leads to the same solution

– allowing the patient’s family members, even distant ones, to take part in the video conference

The doctor’s research may also be supported by Klinik Sankt Moritz’s staff, to provide the best support to the patient.

Physicians from all over the world take part of our ‘MD Inner Circle’ programme at Klinik Sankt Moritz AG.

Being part of the MD Inner Circle means being part of the world’s largest and most advanced telemedicine program.

We’ll boost your visibility

Patients will find you in our directory

Patients looking for a physician for a specific issue or a second opinion are often NOT able to evaluate your resume.

For this reason, we will add to your resume an ‘easy-to-read’, simplified section: from ‘gonalgia’ to ‘knee pain’. We will simplify the reading of your resume but, above all, we will multiply your chances of being found on the internet.

Working with patients from all over the world, your fee will not be parameterised on your Country’s standards. 

Your membership in the MD Inner Circle will allow you to be in our worldwide directory, translated in multiple languages, which will contain:

your résumé, translated and completed with the ‘simplified’ section

the link to websites describing your professional activity

the links to your personal sites, blogs, or other sources originated by you 

We publish or link to your publications.

We can record and update your case study

Membership in the MD Inner Circle will allow you to become a resident physician at Klinik Sankt Moritz.

You can also plan research to be carried out in team with us for new posters or publications.

Our database for each individual patient is the largest in the world. Our AI systems can be programmed to do instant research. Finding specific data such as BMI, blood pressure and blood sugar together will be a matter of seconds. Your every intuition can be matched in hours.

Degree certification 

It is impossible to certify your Degree as valid in all the countries of the world, which is a limit for a globalised world. A big limit to provide second opinions and advice at an international level.

However, to meet your needs, we, at Klinik Sankt Moritz, have taken a revolutionary leap forward.

We certify your degree through a documentation and analysis process and put it on a blockchain.

Blockchain is the basic platform for generating cryptocurrencies. The information contained within it is inviolable and unmodifiable.

We guarantee to all patients in the world that you actually own a Medicine graduation Degree and are qualified to practice the medical profession in your country.

You’ll be able to release second opinions from your own armchair, while being legally compliant.

Specialisation Degree certification

The naming of specialisations may differ from one country to another. In the specialisations’ list of the European Union, for example, heart surgery does not feature. In the event of a formal recognition, the scientific committee of the host country would opt for an assimilation to “general surgery”.

This bureaucratic, formal, although due, rigidity not only fails to do justice to your years of study, but foremost it does not allow patients looking for a physician like you to find you with a web search.

Two mistakes in one.

We solve this problem by also certifying your specialisation and making it public via blockchain.

We transform your specialisation into a superskill of your resume and certify your vertical experience. This way, thanks to the simplified section of your resume, you can easily be found by new patients.

MD Inner Circle

Entering the MD Inner Circle means the actual opportunity of having patients from all over the world. Collaborating with colleagues from around the world in the holistic vision of Klinik Sankt Moritz’s patients. Being active in modifying and expanding screening. The possibility of developing new protocols and proposing new research.

Offering second opinions with multiple specialists from multiple nations in a global multidisciplinary vision.

The fee for a second opinion will be 1,000.00 Euro for each physician. In case of need of real-time translation, two physicians will be required. Or more, for a multidisciplinary approach.

The physician’s income will be 60% of the fee, equal to 600.00 Euro.

Yearly fee included:

Investigation of your professional status

Good Standing Request

Admission to MD Inner Circle

Degree certification and registration on blockchain

Specialisation Degree certification and registration on blockchain

Registration on Klinik Sankt Moritz directory.

Your resume completed with the simplified section for patients. 

A link to your personal site (highly recommended)

A link to your workplace (moderately suggested) 

A link to your LinkedIn page, updated with the simplified section (mandatory)

Update Linkedin

Translation, where necessary, of all the information into English.

These conditions will NEVER expire. These conditions will NEVER be subject to discounts. These conditions will NEVER run out of stock.

Simply, you’re just in or out of the medicine of the future. You take or you don’t take part in the largest health project in the world for number of countries and doctors involved.

The choice is between knowing or not knowing.

The competition is now at its highest and stopping to think “let’s wait and see what happens” is not the best strategy during a Formula 1 race. If you think you’re not racing in Formula 1 you’re right: Formula 1, in terms of expenses and investments, is peanuts if compared with health care.

Sergio d’Arpa
Founder of Klinik Sankt Moritz and e-medicine news
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