Our vision for the future of health.

Technology runs much faster than our ability to change habits.

Going to a physician’s office today is no longer necessary in over 70% of cases. Most of the medical activity is about collecting information and data.

In addition to diagnostic tests there is the monitoring of hours of sleep, physical activity, calories consumed, etc..

Our vision is holistic.

Klinik Sankt Moritz means personalized prevention.

We do not have to amortize the costs of any diagnostic equipment getting outdated in a short time.

We are free to choose the data to be analyzed from the billions provided by constantly evolving research tools. We provide research tools to our partners.

For you, we have developed largest screening system in the world.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, at any time, Klinik Sankt Moritz uò monitors your health.

The output data of the monitoring, combined with the output data of the screening, are saved in our Mission Control.

The Mission Control analyses the data by means of artificial intelligence and shares the results with our resident physicians.

Checking this way your health status and planning any corrections in your lifestyle in order to prevent you from entering into risk areas.

With us you acquire time, freedom and safety.

Your presence in a healthcare facility will be reduced up to 70% for life.

You will be monitored 24/7, eliminating 90% of the risks.

You will always be connected to your data. Our Mission Control will send updates directly to the iPhone provided by the Clinic.

We protect your most valuable asset: you.




We have three main areas of activity:

– Second opinion

– Medical bubbles

– Targeted screening

Second opinion

We are the first platform in the world for finding second opinions. We believe that a second opinion should be sought from a doctor from a different place.

Avoiding this way the risk of ‘same approach, same problem, same solution’. For us, the second opinion has great psychological value.

For this reason, it will only be provided by means of videoconference. People you trust will also be allowed to attend the conference.

You will be provided with a copy of the video. We can also provide medical translators. The best online service in the world.

Health Bubbles

The core of our system. Interconnected devices that collect data on your physical and biological activity.

Sergio d’Arpa
Visionary Entrepreneur
Founder of Klinik Sankt Moritz and e-medicine news
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