Accrediting at Klinik Sankt Moritz will lead you to a new vision of medicine: wider and more innovative.

New patients will come

The old ones will come back.

You will have new and more powerful diagnostic tools and you will be even more recognised.

What does accreditation with Klinik Sankt Moritz offer in summary?

The certification of the degree on blockchain

Your degree, along with other information, will be verified and made public in an inviolable way on blockchain.

Analysis and certification of your specialisation

In a world where specialisations may vary from country to country, and whereas practice and new technologies spark off new specialties, KSM analyses and certifies your specialisation with the utmost precision, also publishing them on blockchain.

Curriculum Vitae

Your resume, rewritten in a popular way, easily understandable by the non-medical public, will allow patients to find you more easily on the Internet


Your research, simplified so as to be more easily found and understood by patients, in order to increase your visibility

Content Marketing

Today, the only way to be tracked down by patients is to be recognisable.

This is possible by producing contents, which you do constantly and which we make effective.

At Klinik Sankt Moritz, we define your specialisation “super Skill”, in order to highlight it clearly for your patients. Your resume and research are also constantly updated and highlighted: this process, carried out consistently, will highly increase your visibility.

Second opinion

Your name can be optioned to provide second opinions worldwide.

With completely new procedures, you can now plan a videoconference to propose alternative solutions to distant patients.

Sergio d’Arpa
Founder of Klinik Sankt Moritz and e-medicine news
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