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Offer new diagnostic tools to your patients

Join the world’s most advanced team

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Klinik Sankt Moritz offers open minded doctors the opportunity to join its team!

Our clinic works on the patient/physician relationship using new technologies. In today’s world, this means that you, the physician, don’t always ‘have to see’ the patient.

All data and information about the patient’s health status are sent to our Mission Control. You and Artificial Intelligence Systems will constantly check the patient’s data on our Mission Control.

The aim is to implement the world’s most advanced customised predictive medicine system in the world.

Medical Bubbles, Second Opinion and Long Life Follow Up

Medical Bubbles

To access any medical bubble, a patient must undergo wide medical screenings. The medical bubble is made up of several devices remotely monitoring the health status constantly.

The output data from both the initial screenings and from the health bubble are collected daily in our Mission Control.

The Mission Control with both your ‘digital medical checkups’ and artificial intelligence systems constantly verifies whether the patient enters risk areas.

Second Opinion

Klinik St. Moritz will provide you with new patients from all over the world.

Our vision is that second opinions should be provided by distant doctors. Otherwise they may fall into the ‘same school, same problem, same solution’ mindset.

In addition, we believe that second opinions shouls be provided by means of videoconferencing. After you study the patient’s medical records and possibly request further exams, we set the date for the videoconference.

The videoconference is managed by the clinic and it is also possible to allow relatives of the patient to take part in it.

Long Life Follow Up

A new tool for you and your patients. The service is free of charge, only for accredited doctors. Your patient can provide us with their medical records and we will include them in the Mission Control.

The data will be anonymised, secured with military protection and studied. Should any new research with new possibilities of treatment or enhancement be issued, all interested patients will be notified.

All this data will also be at your disposal to make further research based on your intuitions.

Moreover, we can schedule calls or visits for your patients for a Follow Up beyond the term of one year after surgery, to check their state of psychophysical health.

Are you ready to invest on your future?

Accreditation with Klinik Sankt Moritz includes certification of your Degree and specialization. After the due inquiries, we will certify to the world that you actually are a physician entitled to practice the medical profession.

The certification will also be validated on a blockchain.

Your resume will be rewritten in a simplified version for patients (not physicians), for you to be easily found and chosen. Your abstracts will also be rewritten in a simplified version for patients, for an increased recognition from patients.

As working for Klinik Sankt Moritz, all the concierge, management, security, GDPR, HIPAA, content provider, cookies, billing issues will be handled by us, freeing you from these encumbrances.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

The annual cost of the accreditation is $3,900.

We are ready to invest in you; if your yearly incomes are lower than the accreditation fees, we will return you the difference.

Sergio d’Arpa
Founder of Klinik Sankt Moritz and e-medicine news
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